Measuring the Effectiveness of Change

We’ve heard some startling statistics for 2021.

20% of teachers are unlikely to return to school in the fall.

This is essential talent that we can’t afford to lose.

30% of parents are “very likely” to keep their children home in the fall.

While we’re longing to fill empty halls, we’re losing our student body.

60% of teachers say they are unready for distance learning.

Our teachers need our support now – more than ever.

Being intentional with how we make change is critical to good decision-making, successful transitions, and improved outcomes. We’ve found that this process (Fig. 1) has proven extremely powerful for both our partners and our team internally.

As educational leaders we’re accountable to our students, our colleagues, and our communities alike. As we make these changes to our educational environments, it’s important that we allow data and evidence to not only hold us accountable, but to also be our guide.

Let’s make a commitment to use data to advance education: to identify our challenges and assets, to communicate our victories to our districts and communities, and to improve the futures of our students.

Fig. 1