Manage Progressive Evolution

Many of the guidelines circulating today consist of the follow types of recommendations:

“Let’s go back to traditional, static-style learning”

“Let’s add sneeze guards”

“We can’t allow interaction”

“We need to revert to teacher focused learning”

Researchers and modern educational leaders have worked hard to determine the right path forward for students in terms of retention and engagement. One important development is the change from traditional, forward-facing (teacher focused learning) to agile student focused learning.

Facing forward in non-moving desks sets a ‘sage on the stage‘ tone, where a teacher provides information to the students in a rigid environment. Many students simply do not learn well in this environment and studies show that it has a dramatic impact on engagement and retention rates.

Student focused, versatile, and agile environments are proven to create positive outcomes for students.

Mixing up the space throughout the day or week keeps students engaged, inspires curiosity, and increases information retention.

With a little creativity, it’s completely possible to maintain your agile learning environment while applying necessary safety precautions.