RaeAnn Fox Introduction

SBI is proud to welcome RaeAnn Fox to direct Education Innovations and Professional Development.

The former Arizona Science Center VP of Programs brings her unique perspective to enhancing learning environments.

“Without intentionally planning for, and supporting how these furnishings and technologies will promote and enhance teaching and learning, the only thing that will have changed in the classroom is its appearance.”

RaeAnn supports schools and districts as they explore the role of learning environments and technologies to enhance teaching and learning. The SBI approach and RaeAnn’s support encompass four key pillars: strategic planning, professional development, follow-up support/coaching and data collection/storytelling.

She brings 23 years of experience and insight as an educator and educational leader in the Elementary, Non-Profit and Higher Education settings. Some key areas of her experience include development, training, dissemination and leadership of programs for children, educators, educational leaders and adults. In her most recent role at Arizona Science Center, she developed and managed a team of educators in the provision of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programs and professional development with a strong emphasis centered around Project-Based Learning and Makerspaces.

“I take the time to listen and help districts determine the right solution to enhance their learning environments.”

Interested in connecting with RaeAnn regarding your learning spaces?

raeann.fox@saxtonbradley.com | 425-970-6678