The Meeting Owl Improves Remote Learning

The Meeting Owl is a 360° conference camera, microphone, and speaker. As schools across the country continue to utilize hybrid or distance learning models, technology has become even more important in the modern classroom.

Using the Meeting Owl in your classroom helps create hybrid learning spaces, enable, engagement for students or teachers who are at home, and facilitate synchronous distance learning.

You don’t have to take our word for it, here is what our education customers are saying about the meeting owl:

“As someone who has been teaching and consulting remotely for more than 15 years, the Owl allows me to move around the whiteboard and other places in the room without a need to focus on a webcam. It is essential for anyone venturing into online work and learning spaces…”

To learn more about using the Meeting Owl in the classroom, see this PDF from Owl Labs.

The Meeting Owl is already being used effectively in schools across the country. Trinity Hall uses the Meeting Owl Pro to connect students at home with their classes on campus. The 360° panoramic lens paired with the Owl Intelligence System (OIS)TM that autofocuses on whoever is speaking in the classroom creates an immersive learning experience for students at home. With the help of Smart Mics, students at home can raise their hands and be called on in class while being able to hear what teachers and students are presenting in the classroom. This allows them to be a part of the discussion instead of a fly on the wall. To learn more about how Trinity Hall uses the Meeting Owl Pro, view the full case study.

To see the Meeting Owl in action at John Brown University, take a look at this video. As we prepare, there are nuances we can’t afford to overlook – including navigating shared spaces.