Breakthrough Learning:

Explore Our New Resource for Navigating Education During COVID-19 and Beyond

September 10, 2020 • Jayme Caruso

In education, we’re always looking to evolve – to provide the very best experience to our students that we can. And right now, every single day, we’re being presented with opportunities to evolve. We are learning new concepts and techniques, gaining insights, and experiencing AHA! moments as we navigate the return to school this year.

We believe that data makes a difference in how we approach change and in how we pursue continual improvement. Data will be our most steady guiding light as we take on the ever-shifting education environment in the age of a global pandemic.

Along with industry experts, we’ve created a living resource for materials and insights on our return to education. Our hope is that this resource provides guidance both today, as we navigate the challenges that COVID-19 presents, and well into the future.

Are there resources you’ve found to be useful during this time?
We’d love to add them guide as we create a space for the educational community as a whole.

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