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Working at SBI means taking pride in your work and wanting to make a positive impact on the communities and sectors we serve. SBI creates engaging, innovative, insightful and inspiring learning and work spaces and offers excellent pay and benefits.

We Design Spaces That:

Enhance Learning

Drive Productivity

Inspire Innovation

Improve Lives

We’re passionate about improving lives through design.

It’s our goal to become the number one resource for enhanced learning environments through furniture and lab systems. Some people see furniture as a form that fills a space, we see it as a way to transform the functionality of entire environment – a way to positively impact someone’s daily experience.

Collaborative Culture.

Teamwork is the name of the game at SBI. We support one other and keep each other accountable. To stay at the forefront of our industry, we need to keep the level of innovation high, no matter the position in the company.

Commitment to Customers.
Commitment to Each Other.

At SBI, we are a rare breed. We believe our actions speak louder and words, and our commitment to our customers runs deep. Our desire to help others is genuine. We set service level expectations high and work to establish meaningful relationships with the customers we partner with. We are dedicated to pushing each other to be better every day and focus on Doing Right, all the time at SBI (and having fun while doing it!).

Available Positions:


Check back often for awesome opportunities at SBI.

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