Washington Middle School

A unique program has developed at Washington Middle School in Olympia, Washington: teacher Brian Morris has combined his Technical Arts program with a Marketing program to teach students how to source, design, produce and sell products.

Students learn to read a working drawing and to draw/sketch isometric and orthographic drawings. After passing required state safety tests, they then learn production methods using a variety of hand and power tools, printers, and the Epilog Laser Engraver.

SBI provided and installed the laser engraver at Washington Middle School, and it has become a major production tool for students to create sellable items from wood, acrylic sheets, tile, etc.

Once the students have a product, they develop their own small business to sell them to friends and family, raising funds that go back into the Tech Arts program.They’re trained to market their items, provide inventory and track sales.

To see how students are using the Epilog Laser Engraver to complete their projects and run their business, see this video written, directed and produced by Washington Middle School Tech Arts Student Sam Van Nuys in conjunction with SBI.