UW Life Sciences Building

The University of Washington’s newest bioscience lab features five levels of research and teaching labs plus a 20K sf greenhouse. SBI, in partnership with Mott Manufacturing, provided fixed and mobile casework and sinks, as well as work islands, autoclaves, glass washers and fume hoods. Tight MEP spaces required all lab systems to be custom-designed and fitted. White oak was specified as the casework material, but found to be very expensive. SBI’s Project Manager found a manufactured white oak product that provided the aesthetic and the durability necessary for a lab environment, while saving the project thousands of dollars.

To reduce installation time during construction, SBI pre-plumbed all fixed work islands and pre-built custom shelving with sliding, railed shelves that enable students to quickly and easily access any items that are pushed to the back. For long-term project-focus flexibility, SBI developed end-cap desks that could be fully and easily removed to make space for project-based equipment or storage. The installation process for this project was very clean and smooth thanks to strong partnerships and communications between our project managers, the UW and the architect.