UCSD Muir College

Built in 1967, this wet lab research building supports the Division of Biological Sciences’ research in Cell and Developmental Biology, Ecology, Behavior and Evolution. The third floor biology laboratories were in need of major upgrades to improve functionality, efficiency, overall safety, and encourage collaborative research. The renovation provides an open lab configuration and all new finishes. Specific upgrades include ADA compliance, fire protection systems, HVAC, fume hood replacement, plumbing, and the electrical system including lighting and standby power. SBI provided wood casework, fume hoods and laboratory equipment for the Muir project.

The suspended storage shelving above each island unit presented an unusual circumstance: the users wanted a clear wall space behind the island, meaning no support could be used between the work surface and shelving units. SBI worked closely with structural engineers and fabricators to develop a steel structure above the ceiling grid that solved the support system issue.