Pathfinder Kindergarten

The Mukilteo School District faced the challenge of a growing student population with the unique solution of creating an all-day, all-Kindergarten School with 24 classrooms for up 600 students. Working closely with the interior designers, SBI developed a furniture program that was height-appropriate to the students (as well as taller teachers!) and thematically color-coded for different school wings. Colors were vibrant and intentional, down to the selection of the colors on the cafeteria table seats.

We included appropriately-scaled storage and easily movable furniture to accommodate break-out and special project areas as well. Instead of a separate cafeteria, the corridor is used as the dining space and a shared learning space to keep students together in one area. “Cafeteria” tables are then multi-use throughout the day.

To outfit the entire school including classrooms, administration and shared spaces, SBI utilized multiple furniture vendors including VS, SIC, Jonti-craft and Great Openings.