Lakewood High School

Variety is the clever commonality in all the student, teacher and community areas throughout the new Lakewood High School in Arlington, WA. The Lakewood School District sought diversity in their school spaces, from quick touch-down spots, to casual lounge areas on stair landings to quiet study nooks in hallways. Within those areas, there is even more opportunity for students to find their best learning modes through a mixture of furniture types: low soft seating, high bistro tables, and typical tables and chairs.

SBI worked with the Interior Designer to select high-quality furnishings and materials that would withstand the daily rigors of high school while still feeling inviting through warm colors and organic textures. Mobility of pieces was key to encourage collaboration in all physical areas and subject matters.

We provided and installed all VS classroom furniture, Ironwood tables for science and art while all private offices use Great Openings furnishings. The result is connectivity throughout the school that feels fluid and compels users to explore different ways of working within a space to find their best fit.