Arizona Science Center

At Arizona Science Center, a MakerSpace (CREATE at Arizona Science Center) and a Classroom were needed where kids and adults could use available tools, materials and resources to bring an idea to fruition. The classroom needed to be completely flexible so it could adjust to any and every project and transform the work space required to develop it.

SBI provided VS Panto Swing chairs which allow for body motion while seated, supporting ergonomics and enhancing the brain’s ability to focus. Formaspace butcher block tables were used because of their durability under the impact of all the tools and projects that are developed in the CREATE space.

For the CREATE classroom, SBI provided a full VS Shift+ brand classroom comprised of student desks that are mobile and can stack when not in use and tables that flip up and a VS Shift+ teacher lectern. The desks and tables fit together to create a variety of formations that help create collaboration and group learning. For seating solutions comfortable for all sizes, we installed VS PantoSwings, PantoMoves, Hokki stools and B1 chairs. Transfer Mobile shelving with plastic bins address storing project materials and needs.