We are committed to developing partnerships with leaders in the industry that support our belief in offering high-quality products that are durable, inventive and sustainable.


For You, For Us & For Our Kids

SBI is committed to partners that offer sustainable choices and manufacture in an environmentally friendly way.  It is our mission to provide sustainable options that are not only good for the environment but high-quality, low-maintenance and durable.  We believe that the products we sell should be serviceable for a minimum of 25 years and stand up to the rigors of the tough environments they will be placed in.

Building and designing with sustainable materials and products does not have to increase costs; sustainable choices fit into even the tightest budgets with more cost-effective choices than you might realize. The truth is, build with sustainability in mind can reduce operating costs, enhance asset values and improve student and employee productivity and satisfaction.

Let's Start Creating

Ready to create your office, classroom, laboratory, library, conference space or entire building? SBI’s 25 years of experience can help guide your project from start to finish.