Products are only part of the complete solution equation at SBI. We offer a full range of services to guarantee the success of all of your projects.


Pre-Sales Solution Engineering and Consulting

If, in your experience, it seems counterintuitive to see “sales activities” listed on a “services” page, then maybe it is time you gave SBI a chance to show you that when referring to our dedicated staff this actually makes perfect sense.  Don’t misunderstand, we don’t think sales are a bad thing and in all fairness sales do keep our lights on but, it is not the only reason we do what we do.

At SBI we believe that what we do truly makes a difference and not just for the people buying our solutions but ultimately for the people that will use them on a daily basis.  It is because of our belief that each of our pre-sales solutions engineers and consultants are hand picked from the industries they will ultimately support.  Not only does it help them better understand your unique needs and create solutions around them, but it helps them understand the long term benefits, costs and impacts of our solutions.

Budgeting, Estimating and Procurement

Our Estimating staff routinely provide budget estimates, conceptual design costs and product take-offs from construction drawings in order to assist you in establishing a comprehensive and accurate budget and cost-analysis.  Our professional estimating team provides overall product pricing and supporting documentation for all of the components of your project.

We don’t stop there, our estimators will use our 25 years of experience to help you identify and navigate any purchasing assistance programs that might be available to you.  Whether it is an existing federal, state, local, commercial or educational contract or other means our team will help make sure that you are able to get what you want, what you need and all within your budget.


Project Management

From start to finish, our professional project management team works closely with you each step of the way throughout your project.  Your dedicated project manager will be your contact for every phase of the project and coordinate between SBI, you, other vendors and manufacturers to ensure an on time and on budget project.

Some of the basic services we provide to support your project and schedule:

  • Purchase & Delivery Schedule
  • Coordination Drawings
  • MEP Trade Coordination
  • Product Submittals
  • Detailed Delivery Schedule

Drafting and Design

Planning a space is easy, planning the perfect space requires a bit more work.  That is where our highly skilled design and drafting team comes in.  Using the latest technologies and extensive field experience, our designers and drafters will work with you to ensure that your vision can become a reality without any hiccups along the way.

Our capabilities and expertise include:

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • Sketch-up
  • Micro-vellum
  • 3D modeling

Logistics and Installation

Our project management team works closely with each manufacturer and vendor during the procurement, production and shipping processes to ensure your solution is delivered as ordered and on time.  Once delivered our skilled, local installation team will get to work making sure all of your products are defect free and set-up right the first time.

Lifecycle Management

SBI understands owning a solution and buying a solution are two distinctly different things.  It is important to take into consideration how each component is produced, acquired, used, maintenanced, reused and ultimately disposed of in order to maintain a best practice of the highest quality and most value in your new solution.

SBI can certainly help you design, procure, install and maintenance your new solution as well as help you understand the overall environmental impact.  Did you know that we can also help with the the recycling, repurposing or recovery of your old solution?  In fact, SBI is a leader in refurbishing and repurposing used furniture, laboratory, sports and technology solutions for local non-profits and charities.


Ongoing Service and Support

At SBI we don’t want to only make you happy with your solution, we want to keep you happy with it for years to come.  We are committed to providing on-going proactive and responsive maintenance, repair, testing and support services on all of the products and solutions we provide.

It would likely take this entire page to list everything single product that we can maintenance, repair, service and support, so just to simplify – if you got it from us (and in some cases even if you didn’t), regardless of how long ago and you need help, give us a call and let one of our skilled support team help you find a solution.

Let's Start Creating

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