UCDS Epilog Fusion 40

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University Child Development School

Project Details

SBI was able to provide the equipment and customized, hands-on training ensuring immediate comprehensive use at University Child Development School (UCDS) when Instructor Ben Chickadel wanted to get his pre-engineering students involved in “Fun-gineering”. Using the Fusion 40 Laser, the largest CO2 laser that Epilog manufactures, a candy bar was created on wood which was then used to make a mold in a vacuum mold machine. The mold was then used to make the chocolate bars pictured. Using metal encased tubes that provide superior results and a longer life for the laser tube, Epilog Lasers are USA made hand built in Golden Colorado. All Epilog Lasers are made with robust parts that result in more accurate engraving and cutting and more reliable engraving from a long lasting engraver. Here are links to more examples of projects that can be created with all Epilog Lasers https://www.epiloglaser.com/resources/sample-club.htm and case studies of Epilog Laser applications https://www.epiloglaser.com/how-it-works/case-studies.htm

Quick Facts

Client: University Child Development School (UCDS)

Location: Seattle, WA

Solution: Epilog Fusion 40 Laser

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