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McCool Carlson Green

Project Details

SBI worked with McCool Carlson Green design team to create an office environment that is more ergonomic, promotes collaboration among staff, updated the aesthetic, while incorporating outstanding natural light opportunities. Individual height adjustable workstations that offer sit to stand opportunities from Watson Desking, combined with ergonomic side and task seating from VS, create workstations allow for optimal use by each person. Workstations were designed for maximum collaboration when desired, but separate enough for privacy when necessary. No panels are present that would negatively impact the substantial natural light in the space. Flex spaces are equipped with standing height worktables from VS that can fold and move away to allow other activities to take place. VS Series 800 sliding door cabinets are strategically placed to maximize storage opportunities without impacting the floor plan.

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Quick Facts

Client: McCool Carlson Green

Architect: McCool Carlson Green

Location: Anchorage, AK

Solution: Furniture, Technology

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